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Danielle Taylor is an English painter based in the beautiful county of Suffolk, the inspiration for artists such as John Constable and J. M. W. Turner.  Taylor is best known for her dramatic abstract and semi-abstract compositions, utilising a wide range of media, from the traditional such as oil and acrylic to household paints, varnishes, and even cement. 


“I have a short attention span, and a desire to be constantly delighted with what I see.  This leads to lots of experimentation and very different outcomes.”

Taylor draws on a creative background of graphics, model making and teaching in design education. These skills allow her to move fluently between the digital and physical to advance her compositions.  Inspiration comes in many forms, the built environment, the natural world, a moment, feeling, or the marks on an old workbench, nothing is off limits. Her process and the techniques employed can vary too.

“After my interest is pIQUeD, I play around with ideas, in my head, on paper and digitally.  I gather imagery whilst testing out techniques in paint application, in a process akin to alchemy.”

The journey from inspiration all the way through to the final coats of varnish and the scribbled signature on the side of the canvas can take days, weeks and sometimes even months.

“Along the way, we disagree, we fight, things get out of hand. Respect is lost.  I start throwing things around and making decisions based on instinct, that’s when the magic happens!”

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